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Deal Better With Toxins


We live in an extra ordinary time where we need to work hard to maintain our health and feel better. This is because we currently face major environmental and human health problems such as radioactive fall-out from nuclear meltdowns, toxic ocean water from oil spills, chemtrails from planes spraying us with toxic heavy metals including arsenic, aluminum, barium, strontium, zinc, iron, and also mycoplasma, contaminated soils from agricultural chemicals and GMO products in the market. We need to be proactive to know what is happening around us so we can protect ourselves and know what is happening inside our body so we can better understand how to cope with it. 

Exposure to toxic chemicals including drugs is a large source of toxic overload in the body. How does our body handle toxins? We have our organs of detoxifications:the liver, digestive tract, kidneys, lungs and skin with lymphatic system and the pancreas having great influence on them. Our liver plays a major role in detoxification: it filters large toxins from the blood, secrete the bile rich in cholesterol and fat-soluble toxins, and dismantles discarded and unwanted chemicals and toxins. 

DDT pesticides, hormones like estrogen and cancer causing dioxins are fat soluble toxins we encounter on a regular basis. When we are stress, our body gains and stores fats where these fat soluble toxins go and stay. That is why we feel exhausted and fatigue. Our digestive system must be able to break down these fats and with the help of gut associated lymphatic tissues our body is able to assimilate good fats and detoxify the bad fats that causes cancer, alzheimers and parkinsons,etc. The bile must neutralize the acids coming out of the stomach. If stomach acids come out of stomach in the small intestines and there’s not enough bile, that acid can cause heartburn and acidity. Irritation of upper intestinal mucosa can cause more mucus formation making the villi of intestinal tract non-functional and make the pancreas stop secreting digestive enzymes, hence, we are not able to digest foods. Digestive insufficiency will lead to dysbiosis (insufficient amounts of beneficial gut flora)and further acidosis. Acidosis can result to impaired removal of toxins from our body. We need to make dietary changes by increasing our intake of alkalinizing foods such as leafy green vegetables, and reducing intakes of acidifying foods like beef, dairy and eggs. Acid-forming foods, such as meat, dairy, breads and baked goods, and refined sugar, will increase body acidity, whereas the more alkaline vegetarian foods enhance cleansing and the detoxification processes in the body.

Moreover, the bile attaches itself to parasites and cancer causing chemicals. After chronic exposure to these toxic substances, the body can become sluggish in eliminating them. 90% of the bile gets reabsorbed back to the liver with toxins in tow and they get re-circulated into the bloodstream, wrecking havoc throughout the body. Our liver then becomes toxic and congested. The bile becomes thick and for years it may stop its flow as well. When we eat a heavy fatty meal, the food just sits there. We get stomach aches, nauseous after a heavy meal. Bile with toxins that get re-circulated into the bloodstream may start to look for different fatty sites and when they get to our brain, we become more vulnerable to loss of cognitive function- we experience memory loss, focus and clarity problems. Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases are related to accumulation of neurotoxins and fat soluble toxicity that build up in the brain tissue. Hence, with a weak liver, it will have a hard time regulating blood sugar; it won’t convert fats and proteins into glucose; and the production of important blood proteins essential for blood clotting may not be sufficient; and bilirubin (produced by destruction of old red blood cells) maybe elevated.

Our kidneys regulate the fluid and electrolyte balance of the body by continually filtering the blood. To perform this important function they are able to: 1) excrete or conserve salt and water 2) control body pH 3) eliminate waste products of metabolism from the body.

Kidneys help remove wastes from our bloodstream so when they fail, the build up of wastes in our blood can cause rashes, severe itching, and dryness. Topical creams usually won’t help. It also results in swelling of the face, hands, legs , ankles and feet.

Kidney disease can also result in anemia as it lowers the production of the hormone Erythropoietin that it produces and which is needed in the red blood cell production. This will decrease the oxygen delivery to the cells resulting to fatigue and general body weakness.

Heavy metal cadmium from burning oil and coal, phosphate fertilizers and incineration of municipal wastes are major sources of kidney problems. And not to forget how smokers are directly inhaling twice the amount of cadmium into their lungs than non-smokers.

It is clear that toxins can be efficiently eliminated via the renal system. However, if the kidneys are not functioning optimally, toxins that should be filtered from the blood, and remain in circulation in the body. It is clear that toxins can be efficiently eliminated through our kidneys. 

The lymphatic system is key to the neutralization, transportation and elimination of toxic deposits. The lymph travels throughout the body, fighting infection and inflammation. It is an integral part in the removal of toxins from our connective tissues and re-circulate nutrients and proteins back into our blood stream. When there is a build-up of toxic wastes in the system, we always observe a swelling in the lymph nodules.

Another group of toxins that our body has to deal with are our emotional toxins, our problematic past relationships, those patterns of behaviour and belief systems we created as youngster in order for us to feel safe and secure. They are what makes us do the same dumb thing over and over again eventually affecting the functions of our physical body such as inhibiting our digestive system to function optimally. They are as well stored in our body.

As we encounter these toxins on a regular basis, there is a need for our body to detoxify. There are so many suggested procedure of detoxifying the body. But, we need to know that our body can naturally detoxify on its own. Our body has its natural ability to detoxify the toxins in the fat cells and optimized our digestion. We can have better success with our detox with the help of our homeopathic remedy prescribed to us after considering our totality of symptoms. Our homeopathic remedy is unique to us. It will act on our liver, pancreas and intestinal tract to support detoxification through our digestive tract. It will act on our emotional toxins. These homeopathic remedies are like enzymes and hormones in controlling the homeostatic balance within our body to maintain a functioning harmony between all parts. Our body will learn and regulate itself after it is gently stimulated to perform its basic functions. We will then start to feel better. Our mental and emotional issues that keep us stuck in a certain way for many years will disappear to our great relief. To further maintain our health progress, we need to develop certain lifestyle modifications to remove our daily routine exposure to smoking, dependency on over-the-counter medications, alcohol, ingestion of pesticides, xenobiotics and xenoestrogens from food sources. Regular activity and exercise will encourage optimal circulation in the body and adequate consumption of pure, clean water is always encouraged for a healthy lifestyle.


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