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Patient Information

What to Expect

1. Initial Visit - Patient must submit their initial intake form and patient consent form. The Intake form is about their medical history and health issues they are currently experiencing. The initial appointment itself will be about two hours long. During this time, the patient will be asked to describe in detail about their mental, emotional and physical symptoms. Rest assured that everything is held confidential. It is important that patients are able to express themselves in the deepest possible describing the totality of symptoms. This will allow us to determine the best suitable remedy.

Within one week of the initial interview, the homeopathic doctor will identify a

remedy she thinks best suits the patient's totality of symptoms.

Note: In an acute case consultation, a remedy is immediately decided and given

to patient. Adhering to classical homeopathy. 

2. Follow ups - The patient must return for a follow-up appointment(s) as

instructed by the homeopathic doctor. This appointment usually takes about an

hour. After taking the remedy, the patient must keep notes as to his or her

experience so that they can accurately answer the questions. The patient will

be asked what happened after the remedy was taken, and what has happened

since? Has anything been better or worse? Note: Often symptoms can arise as the

illness is exiting the body. This experience is normal, indicating healing, and

generally brief. The patient will be requested to rate the change experienced.

The patient must note any old re-occurring symptoms or if anything new has

come up. 

Depending on the homeopath’s assessment, the patient may just wait and

observe further as the remedy is still working in him; maybe given a redose of

the same remedy with the same or different potency; or, may need a different


Remedy Information   

  • Remedies are to be taken 30 minutes away from food and drinks.
  • If your remedy is in the form of dry pellets, please avoid touching them. The remedy is sprayed on the sugar pellet, therefore it may rub off on your fingers when touched.
  • Your remedy is absorbed well when taken sublingually (under the tongue). Please use the remedy cap to transfer the pellets to your mouth, without touching the pellets.
  • In some cases, it will be instructed that the remedy be diluted in water and administered over time, as opposed to a single dose.
  • Due to the sensitive nature of homeopathics, please keep remedies away from sunlight, cell phones and other electronics.
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