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The Homeopathic Cure

The Homeopathic Cure

Since Homeopathy is now accepted as one of the Regulated Health Professions in Ontario, many are increasingly becoming aware of the greatness of the cure it offers. Everyday, many are becoming aware of the differences between conventional medical treatment and that of homeopathic treatment:

  • aware that unlike conventional medicine where drugs are given to work against the  body and its symptoms, homeopathic remedies work with the body to help stimulate the  body to heal itself.

  • aware that Homeopathic Medicine uses the "Law of similars" (like cures like). Minute doses of plant, animal and mineral substances are used for the treatment and prevention of various symptoms, especially those that have a mental emotional basis. 

  • treatment in homeopathy is individualized (tailored to each person). Homeopaths select remedies according to a total picture of the patient, including not only symptoms but lifestyle, emotional and mental states, and other factors.

  • homeopathy is a very gentle and very effective way of treatment.

Homeopathy was developed by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in 1796 in Germany for the following reasons:
  • Medical treatments often resulted to liver congestion and other negative chain reactions to health.
  • Compound medical prescriptions make patients more sick and hard to recover.
  • Palliative medications given to patients only suppressed and masked the uncomfortable symptoms that were interpreted as signs of improvements.
Homeopathic medicines used are from plants, animals and minerals. They are tested on humans and not animals for the simple reason that humans can express the experience of the remedy tested. Homeopathic remedies are tried and tested using healthy volunteers. These healthy volunteers expressed the symptoms produced which are what the substance are able to treat using the Law of Similars. These “Pathogenic Trials” are recorded in computerized forms for over 200 years. All through these years of using them, none of these homeopathic remedies has caused death. They have been used for protection and cure of different diseases. 

In homeopathy, disease is defined as a disturbance of the whole being and the cure is the restoration of health. We know that homeopathic medicine cures the symptoms that it produces in a healthy person. When a person is affected by two very similar dynamic affections (diseases), the stronger one extinguishes the weaker. We observe  this among very sick people that  won’t even catch a cold. It is always the stronger disease manifesting. This is how the homeopathic medicine initiates the cure: by forming an artificial disease which when somewhat stronger than the natural existing disease, replaces the natural disease. The homeopathic remedy produces similar symptoms of the existing disease but stronger thereby initiating the cure. According to Natural Law, a cure can happen when:
  • A similar stronger disease eradicates a weaker, similar natural disease.
  • In case two dissimilar diseases are in the same person, the new, stronger disease can suppress the old disease but will never remove it.
Heavy drugging with conventional medicines combined with already existing disease leads to an “artificial drug disease” and makes it into a chronic problem and so the patient becomes more sick.

More patients come to Homeopaths because they don’t want to take their medications. We never tell our patients not to take their medications but we explain to them how their drugs work, their side-effects and explain the importance of getting the homeopathic remedy that is most fitting to them. These will empower them to make their own decision. 

Homeopathy offers a great cure because of the following reasons:
  • it follows the Law of Nature
  • it is proven more effective, not toxic, more humane, more people-centered kind of health care
  • it is inexpensive
  • its principles are clear
  • its efficacy and safety is proven for more than 200 years.

Truly, the answers to most of our current health problems lies greatly in the knowledge of the past. 

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grademiners on March-30-19 4:38 AM
In every illness there is a cure allotted. So as a nurse, I wanted to give the best of the best cure that I could give to the patient. And I am not hesitating to help them know what cure, medicines are the best for their illness. For those nurses out there I want to salute you and I hope that you will not get tired of this service. We are the savior of this nation. So continue to cure those illnesses of the sick people out there. I am so proud of you!

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ninja essays on May-28-18 4:33 AM
Homeopathy is a cure that has stood the test of time. You can trust the effectiveness of this cure because it is gathered in nature and it relies on how well your body can adapt to the cure. This blog is useful for people. This gave me the relevant information I need in order to analyze the severity of a disease even though I'm not a health care specialist. Homeopathy gives the people an option to give in to a much less expensive option. Medicine is expensive nowadays and this kind of cure gives people who are less fortunate a fighting chance to battle different kinds of diseases.
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Thank you for sharing this information. With this, we will be able to widen our choices in terms of treatments with proper consultation from professionals. It is great that there are other ways to cure diseases other than the traditional medications. The homeopathic cure has a lot of advantages, and most people would always choose the option with greater benefits. Using natural products could be a better way to be used as a treatment, following the law of nature lessens the toxins in our bodies.
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