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About the clinic

Guia Vita Homeopathic Clinic is founded and owned by Guia Vita – Melendres Hom,DHMHS, BSMT, MD(Phils.). Guia is registered with the College of Homeopaths of Ontario. She is a trained classical homeopath, a certified Functional Nutrition coach, a member of the Canadian Society of Orthomolecular Medicine with a wide range of experience in Canada administering vitamin-mineral injections since the year 2000. In addition, she was a medical doctor with special training in Psychiatry and a Medical Technology graduate in the Philippines. As a child, Guia witnessed illness and death in her hometown that had an emotional impact. She didn’t understand why so many people were losing their lives to illness, either through loss of quality of life or by death. This led her to decide at a young age, that she would dedicate her life to seeking the most effective methods to help people regain their health, thus regaining their lives. Her journey has covered a vast number of medical (both traditional and non-traditional) methods that enable her to have a breadth of knowledge in the healing arts that get results.

Guia’s deep-seated passion to help people heal naturally aligns with her belief in what Hippocrates said that health is the greatest of human blessings. A person is healthy when he is well in body, mind and spirit and living in harmony with his environment. The Guia Vita Homeopathic Clinic aims to provide that harmonious blessing for their patients.

Health is indeed a dynamic process, which is why the clinic’s main focus is in Classical Homeopathy. Homeopathy is a form of medicine that uses the “Law of Similars” (like cures like). It uses minute doses of plant, animal and mineral substances as remedies giving only one remedy at a time to help stimulate the body to heal itself at the deepest possible level. In comparison with the conventional medicine that uses drugs to work against the body and its symptoms.

The clinic’s approach to healing is individualized (tailored to each person). The remedy selected is according to the person’s totality of symptoms including lifestyle, mental, emotional, physical states and other factors. And, when patients are physically weak, the clinic believes that the patient’s vital force will accept supplementations of substances that are normally needed and produced inside the body as it’s having a hard time replenishing them on their own.


The physician’s only mission is to cure the sick. The highest ideal of cure is the rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health; that is, the lifting and annihilation of the disease in its entire extent in the shortest, most reliable, and least disadvantageous way. - Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, Aphorisms 1 and 2, Organon of the Medical Art

Clinic Hours :

Monday - Friday : By Appointment only.

Weekends and Holidays: By Appointment only.

Credit Card and Interac payments accepted


790 Bay St.

Suite 401

Toronto, Ontario

M5G 1N8​


52 Clappison Blvd.

Scarborough, Ontario

M1C 2G7

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